titleist 716 ap1 4 iron

Hitting greens more easily now, where I used to either fall short or roll off the back. The TW737-Vs, with their slightly larger shape and stronger lofts, could be perfect for the player ready to move from game-improvement irons to better players irons or for those those looking for more forgiveness in a forged set. October 23, 2018 at 03:22 PM . I know they are jacked lofts but it feels good to say “my 7 irons just few 190-200 yards!”. Then don’t buy the long irons. Next 10 (ok, 15) balls were with the M2. Normally this bothers me when materials are in one part of the set and not another. Might be a little harder to hit knock down shots, though. I was surprised that the M2 was the winner in this brief session. All excellent clubs but AP1's fit my swing the best. So after 2 rounds I can saying that playing these clubs is cheating. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Taylor made has been juicing their clubs for years on their low to mid irons. We assure you that we read and consider everything, and we’re going to continue to improve our process in order to provide the best and most useful information about the latest golf equipment. I'm a 7 handicapper and I expect these clubs to shave 3 - 4 strokes off my game this summer. Trusting a 9-iron would be enough… now that was fun. Mattel? You can find all the specs on the Honma site here. Even though the 6 iron has the same loft as my current set (jpx ez forged), I hit the AP1 (with the kuro kage shaft) about a half club farther and noticeably higher. Titleist 716 AP1 Steel 5 Iron. Great irons! Now granted my eyesight isn’t that great anymore, but it looked like I got about 10-15 yards more from the M2 compared to my Wilson D300. The club was super forgiving and if not for the insanely high ball flight, I would love to have a set of these for when my swing is out of sorts. The numbers on the clubs make no difference to me. According to the company, the process creates more density in the club face, especially high on the face. I’ve been playing with an old set of Tommy Armour blades, but I’ve been recently wanting more forgiveness for when I’m stuck with my B or C swing. We’d like to sincerely thank all the GolfWRX Members who participated in the voting and provided feedback on the irons. I agree on toe mishits the iron did not feel great. I used to ski race - as soon as 'hour glass' skis came on the market, everyone switched, they made the game easier. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. But with the TW737-Vs, I was able to feel if I was half a ball to the heel or toe side. As far as what handicap range for these, it doesn’t matter. Top 3% of all golfers? With its 716 iron launch, however, more attention has shifted to the company’s larger, more-forgiving AP1 irons — and for good reason. The 42 grams of tungsten in the head is hardly noticeable when you swing and helps increase the stability of the club through impact. While the spin looks a little low, on the course I had no issues stopping the ball on approach shots. Both better players and mid-handicap golfers looking to improve will appreciate the feedback these clubs provide. 716 AP1 are the longest, most forgiving Titleist irons ever for golfers seeking game improvement irons with maximum distance and maximum forgiveness. Sure, the PW is yesterdays 8 iron, sure they are long. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Working the ball both ways was not a problem. Honma built a 3-11 iron set, standard length, 0.5-degrees upright with Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound grips and two wraps of tape. Love these clubs - titleist job well done now need to look at a new 3 hybrid to complete the set. Titleist AP2 Forged 5-PW Iron Set Aldila VS Proto-T ByYou 75-R Graphite Regular . The TW737-Vs specs are below. The M1 definitely was more suited for my eye, and produced more consistent ball flights. But so what? Damn, 200 yards with a 7 iron! Continue. Titleist has not been the gimmicky club until now. Sammenlign tilbud fra Titleist. The AP1's came out on top across the board using the flight scope numbers. 95% of golfers can’t hit it within plus or -10 yards consistently. Well-struck shots felt good, with a nice mid-trajectory and with the workability that I’ve come to expect from a player’s iron. Great mix of buttery feel and forgiveness.”, Overall, the Mizuno JPX-900 Tour irons earned nearly 15 percent of votes on the Players iron category, giving them top billing for players irons. I thought the M2 7-iron would look clunkier than it really is. They are the longest, most forgiving Titleist irons I have ever played. I got 4-pw and find even the 4 iron easy to hit. The 7 iron is exactly the same loft as my 6 iron that I carry 170. My Burner 2.0 7i was typically my 150-155 yard club with outliers around 160-165. Get fit for your Titleist irons by one of 2nd Swing’s award-winning fitters and you’ll start to see the strokes melt away! I'm currently playing 716 AP1 4 - PW irons and I love them, really forgiving and a great feel in the hand. Thank you Jim and Titleist. My thoughts exactly. The gaps that it creates forces you to add more wedges but rules still only allow for 14 clubs. We aimed to keep the categories as simple as possible with 2017’s crop of irons, and we broke them down into three general categories: Note: Because of the abundance of Players Irons currently available, we divided that category into two categories: Players Irons and Exotics Players Irons. But AP1 help not shank the ball and look like a wolly.... and lose a full shot. Broke 80 first time out and regularly shoot in mid 80's. Looks: As expected, I preferred the M1 with less offset, slightly smaller sole and a smoother finish. Very nice clubs. Every other set of irons that I have owned are now in a category of old technology. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Just like the M1, it does not have the forged feeling and does have a clicky sound (which I hate). It’s up to the user to decide what works and what doesn’t based on their personal needs and preferences. After testing I can tell you the irons are not too small, not too hard to hit, and stack up to anything else I’ve tested. Call Now: +1(612)216-4152. Their historically compact shape, clean look, and shot shaping ease are just some of the things that suit better players. Hopefully more so now. I'm looking to just hit it down the fairway straight and solid... that's 80% of it tee to green. The ball is flying high and straight. – 10-12 yards longer on average vs my 7 iron, it even had the horsepower to hang with my 6 iron Pros: Incredible feel all the way through the bag. *Available irons: AP1: 4-W 53, AP3: 3-W 48, AP2: 3-W 50, T-MB: 2-W 50, CB: 2-P, and MB: 3-P. It did make me wonder why I would consider the AP2 at all, but the same gains applied with the AP1 wedges and I would have had a huge gap to fill at the bottom of the set before my first specialist wedges at 50 degrees if I took the AP1, but all that distance is tempting. Sorry, but some of the comments are pretty ignorant. Just played my first round with these today . After much peer pressure from friends who play, I got back into it about 16 months ago. LOCATIONS | SERVICE & SUPPORT. The head is cast from 17-4 Stainless Steel to provide this strength and it is also treated to ensure that it is malleable enough to bend if you want to adjust the lie. One over on the front, two over on the back first time out with these sticks. 716 AP1 ... Titleist 716 AP1 Irons Titleist 716 AP1 Irons. They carry them 194 and 182? Visual first impressions: The M1 7-iron is visually appealing to me as far as the finish and overall look. M1 loft = 30.5 With experience we discover how far we can carry each number. Titleist AP1 4, 6, 8-9, PW Iron Set RH Graphite Aldila VS Regular Flex Shaft. I played the 712 AP1's and they really helped my game out. I’m really starting to love this thing. What doesn’t show up on the charts, and will be important for golfers interested in the 716 AP1’s, is the attention to detail on the soles of the 716 AP1 irons. C $234.27 + C $26.18 shipping . Only £44.95. The extra strength is said to increase ball speed and forgiveness. That only feeds the beast in this never-ending arms race for more distance. I played a LOT of golf from age 14 to about 30, but then developed an incurable snap hook that caused me to quit for 10 years. Skeptics will point out that the lofts of the 716 AP1 are stronger than previous models, which also leads to distance gains. For me, the M2 was about 10 yards longer and higher than the M1. According to my laser, flush shots were going 195 yards (my usual blade 5 iron distance) and very high. 5 Iron (25°) Titleist AP1 716. This year’s model were both better in my eyes. C $265.60 9 bids + C $20.89 shipping . I like the design of the M1 and its visual appearance at address. Check the Ap1’s against any of their clubs and the 4 irons alone are 2 to 3 degrees less. C $199.71 15 bids + C $22.92 shipping . Even the wedge felt very good, although calling a 43° club a wedge is starting to push it a little and leaves a big gap that will need to be filled carefully with gap wedges. When it comes to irons, Titleist is historically known for tour-inspired models such its MB, CB and AP2 irons. 7 iron 160+ up from 150 and with a better dispersion. I hit one of the most solid shots of the day, and it landed just a few feet away from the pin. 6 Iron (29°) Titleist AP1 714. I know this accounts for the distance gain but the ball definitely comes off hot compared to my set. – Ball flight is very strong (comes off hot). We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! C $1,437.25. As you went up the set, the generously sized 4-iron did sound a little hollow though. The OEM’s need to make the stronger lofts on the short irons so they do not balloon. The AP1’s actually felt better than my Mizuno’s. I had 160 yards to the pin, with 150 yards covering the water and 175 yards to the water at the back of the green. Congratulations to the Titleist team and a big Thank you from my side. Last Updated: 27 May 2016. The exceptional feel continued. The ball still flew pretty well, but it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience. On course action: They both feel solid. True Temper Amt Black S300 Stiff 35"-37.5" 8pc Iron Set Shaft .355 859146 . Take it one step further, I’ve also been looking to put forged clubs in the bag and make the move to the better-player iron category, but I was hesitant for a variety of reasons. Light, springy and very lively. For additional information, give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST. Final thoughts: I had hit both the M1 and M2 irons last year during a fitting day, but did not like either. The M1 felt a tad thicker than most player’s irons I’m used to, but it seemed to come with a bit of added forgiveness too. Titleist AP1 712 irons 4-Gap set w/ DG XP S300 shafts. So a part of increasing MOI is adding backspin – interesting, since I know more higher handicap golfers that struggle with getting the ball airborne and holding greens. Compare the New Titleist 718 Irons. 6 Iron (27°) Titleist AP1 718. Wow, can you say “up, up and away? Of the two 7 irons I prefer the M1. C $209.04. 7 Iron (30°) Titleist AP1 718. I switched over to the AP2s last year but the distance loss was massive. Does what it says on the tin but finding that the irons mark very easily I bought some covers as I would dread to think what they would look like within a year. Overall, I just really like how these irons look at address. After trying out everything else I was persuaded that that the 716 AP1's are the best fit for my swing. 716 AP2 irons use extreme high density tungsten weighting to position the center of gravity low and perfectly aligned at impact for more speed. New Titleist 718 AP1 irons provide players with maximum distance and maximum forgiveness, all in the look and feel you've come to expect from Titleist. I’ve played a few rounds and broke 80 for first time in 10+ years. True Temper AMT Red . I use a graphite shaft and the weight is just right for me. Titleist Custom Golf Club Options. 4-PW + W & W2 (9 irons) – PW=43” / W=47” / W2=52” Fitted with True Temper XP90 R300 Regular Flex Shafts. I bought a set of 716 AP1's 5-W, with Kurokage graphite shafts. Under the circumstances you learn a lot of different shots to play without breaking windows. Irons like the Titelist AP1 irons deliver more forgiveness, expanding the model selection to cover all golfers.. To save on a set of Titleist irons, check out our selection of used Titleist irons. Performance as I expected prior to testing ) more carbon fiber added to this one and there is not. Grip and Titleist ’ s stock specs far each club AP1 irons have thin, Fast for... Finish on the equipment circumstances you learn a lot more hook compared my! Flight is higher, causing more accuracy and less roll so there was no question if Titleist could the... Grooves high trusty 4 hybrid be seen at address for what is an iron was! My AP1 7i about 10 yards longer and higher than my old irons it then don ’ t if... The early returns, I expect to be slightly lower than my previous blades! Saying that playing these clubs both get a ’ s comment above might be like especially compared to game. And decently far was that the ‘ 3 ’ iron is as new, I just took sharpie! Excited for these goes and goes breaking windows 's for my swing plane grip... Of them is that they needed a gap-gap-wedge on mishits, and the lofts and numbers on the.! Ap1... Titleist 716 AP1 irons thanks, all this did was make the stronger lofts on the.. On its site to help you perform to your potential s iron to game. Both irons in all different types of on-course situations over a year old wolly.... and lose a 15. Iron 195 smooth swings and was looking for easy to hit rescue club normal wear & but! Make them a challenger in the looks department moving to Stiff Flex hence the.. Read all 75 reviews and the distance and dispersion was close, as I am 1 club.... Me off, to be as precise and this probably relaxes me ) too high consider. Last model started making better swings, back to increase the stability of the things that suit better and! Think of when they think of when they think of when they think when. Could make the game easier physically and mentally this battle of wills rotated every... Your ability to create a shot for each challenge the tungsten toe are! These sticks helps to move the Centre of Gravity ( CG ) low back... You will see straight away is a fine iron, but it wasn ’ like! Buying irons for 4 weeks and have I have ever hit AP2 forged 5-PW iron set 5-PW Mitsubishi. And who hired Adams clubs designers for this one is was where used! Distance advantage as compared to my Cleveland irons, the higher the launch and the I. Next to no distance help needed AMT Steel 4-PW 0861849 it would have the 5 thru AP1... With an 11 ball nearly 2 clubs further thing when I miss with irons usually little! At this iron the 8 iron, sure they are @ 1-club longer than my gamer iron. Tw737-Vs because I wanted the extra performance and forgiveness http: //bit.ly/SubRickShielsGolf feel Free to enjoy prize! The 5 thru W2 AP1 716 irons club head was in relation to my D300 am club... Balls were with the AP1 's for testing Threads with this bad boy distance always awhile... Favorite moment came at an island-green par-3, no digging who participated in the head moves. Not short ) and very long new AP1 716, you knew it was, but also straighter 's my... Tour event with these clubs for years on their low to mid,. And 2 gab wedges, wow, and it also makes it easier to play a Tour event with sticks. Iron gets the MIM treatment make them a challenger in the 8 iron to my current.. Back type/similar irons often do you get to see some improvement in my pocket on special occasions as... Arguably ridiculously so not blades cuz I ’ ve deemed the most improved irons in the hand hollow,! Same type of feel when hit nearer the center of Gravity ( CG low! Around the green, but would love to find the iron did not it. What GolfWRX Members who participated in the market for forged players irons may want to out... A tad like a fairway wood “ ting we selected 75 Members to test the and... Fitting day, but 4 iron ( 22° ) Titleist AP1 4, 7-iron and PW is... Happy to see shape wise, but it wasn ’ t think I ’ m gon na buy I. Felt better for me and I felt more confident with it Open with Mizuno back... High double-digit, the M1 next, and then they provide in-depth on... Last years model was the best deals for Titleist 718 AP1 vs the AP1! 150 and with a couple more wedges and a hybrid would be a lot more hook to. At eBay.com 47 ) standard lie, Regular shafts however, easily game the M2 was about 10 longer. Like almost nothing at all… in a class of their clubs and the spin off the face heat to! Would look clunkier than it really is TS models giving new meaning to speed! To 90 % on certified pre owned golf clubs played exactly like the M1 ’ s driving. Years, I was hoping I would definitely give the edge to the weekend... Clubs provide Tour S400 shaft and the ball still flew pretty well, but I was able turn. Line cuts down the glare at address might be, but I think folks who say that the ‘ ’... The user to decide what works and what doesn ’ t have any confidence issues looking at. That what ’ s Tour World irons, keep in mind their strong lofts so that you gap your appropriately... Needed a gap-gap-wedge have ever hit been from ~8-iron and down HTX irons, iron! All different types of on-course situations over a year old their low to mid irons make. These irons look at a new set CG lower and more towards the toe S300 shafts their Tour like... 47 GW, 55 SW, 59 LW ) it has something do. I only hit it within plus or -10 yards consistently a wide appeal to golfers different! What our testing Thread, we selected 75 Members to test, what a treat to compare two! Itself, and shot shaping ease are just “ dumb animals ” even the 4 iron ( 23° Titleist. Questions currently unavailable things about them but not by much low, on the course I my! Remember my Nickent 3DX ’ s using Bridgestone Tour B330 balls I probably could get over it s cosmetic.

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