language of nagaland

Noklak district is considered entirely rural. Nagaland 1. Tribe and clan traditions and loyalties play an important part in the life of Nagas. Sanskrit words in their Assamese form. Other than English, Nagamese , a creole language form of the Assamese language , is a widely spoken language. Stars, moon, and spirits: bright beings of the night in Sino-Tibetan, Gengo Kenkyu, 77(1), 45, Khubchandani, L. M. (1997), Bilingual education for indigenous people in India. Vowel duration and 1st, 2nd and 3rd formant i.e. [27], Accordingly, the territory was placed under the Nagaland Transitional Provisions Regulation, 1961[28] which provided for an Interim body consisting of 45 members to be elected by tribes according to the customs, traditions and usage of the respective tribes. The subsequent defeat of Khonoma marked the end of serious and persistent hostility in the Naga Hills.[10]. [citation needed], The Naga Memorandum submitted by the Naga Club (which later became the Naga National Council) to the Simon Commission explicitly stated, 'to leave us alone to determine ourselves as in ancient times. The main crops are rice, millet, maize, and pulses. They wrote the first grammar books and compiled vocabularies. To put an end to these raids, the British troops recorded 10 military expeditions between 1839 and 1850. [97] He would typically invite everyone from the tribe. Huge churches dominate the skylines of Wokha, Kohima, Dimapur, and Mokokchung. The airport's asphalt runway is 7513 feet long, at an elevation of 487 feet. Between 1880 and 1922, the British administration consolidated their position over a large area of the Naga Hills and integrated it into its Assam operations. International highways passing through Nagaland, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. The state has significant hydroelectric potential, which if realised could make the state a power surplus state. [12] Both naka and naga are pronounced the same way in Burmese. In 1878, the headquarters were transferred to Kohima — creating a city that remains an important center of administration, commerce, and culture for Nagaland. It is held at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama which is about 12  km from Kohima. Mount Saramati at an elevation of 3,841 metres (12,602 ft) is the state's highest peak; this is where the Naga Hills merge with the Patkai Range in which form the boundary with Burma. 1. Additional attractions include the Konyak fire eating demonstration, pork-fat eating competitions, the Hornbill Literature Festival (including the Hutton Lectures), Hornbill Global Film Fest, Hornbill Ball, Choral Panorama, North East India Drum Ensemble, Naga king chilli eating competition, Hornbill National Rock Contest,[86] Hornbill International Motor Rally and WW-II Vintage Car Rally. Yet, in terms of population served for each kilometre of surfaced road, Nagaland is the second best state in the region after Arunachal Pradesh.[43]. Instruction is mainly in English — the official language of Nagaland. The movement led to a series of violent incidents, that damaged government and civil infrastructure, attacked government officials and civilians. Damant (M.A.C.S), a British political agent, went to Khonoma with troops, where he was shot dead with 35 of his team. NAGALAND Nagaland, the land of the hospitable and warm Nagas, lies in the corner of India’s North-East-bordering Myanmar. “This was the first time in the history of Nagaland that something was done specifically for the deaf,” a member of the DBM informed Eastern Mirror. Nagaland's gross state domestic product for 2004 is estimated at $1.4 billion in current prices.

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