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Specs: 150x128x65mm, 480g, 2x optical + 4x 3.5mm + 4x RCA + 1x 6.35mm. As well as our top three recommendations at three price points - under £100/$100, under £200/$200 and under £300/$300 - we've also included a brief glossary and FAQ at the end of the article, where we've explained some common terms and answered some frequently asked questions asked by USB sound card buyers. Great USB Sound Card From Audioengine. This provides you with all the audio settings you'll need, from a 10-band graphic equaliser through to fully adjustable bass boost and compressor, and even custom reverb settings. Size: 137 x 80 x 38 cm | Weight: 81.6g | Surround? When the Sennheiser GSX1000 external USB sound card came out the experience was absolutely incredible thanks to their binaural engine that opened up any audio environment. top-tier quality encodes of our content. : No. It, unfortunately, comes with some … If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. The best USB sound cards to give you a sonic boost. The software side of things is well handled, with the Sound Blaster Command app providing a convenient way to adjust microphone settings, set custom EQs or try out the (many) included modes, including some optimised for certain games and Super X-Fi, which is based on photographs of your particular ear shape. Of course, you'll need a nice headset to take full advantage of a nice sound card! For more information, go here. Pros: Good sound stage, compact design, convenient controls. For more information, check out our full Sound Blaster AE-9 review. Size: 14.3 x 13.9 x 7 cm | Weight: 299g | Surround? Pros: Great audio processing, both 7.1 speaker and headphone outputs, good software. It has three preset gain modes for different usage scenarios, but if you'd rather have full control over what you hear then it also comes with ASUS' Sonic Studio software. It's equipped with a 24-bit/96 kHz DAC, Sennheiser's own 7.1 Binaural Rendering Engine (virtual surround sound … Best of all, USB sound cards are extremely easy to install – all you have to do is plug one into a USB port of your device (or connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth), then connect your speakers or headphones to the sound card, and you'll get an instant audio upgrade. That means you don't need a separate audio interface; ideal if you're using one of our recommended XLR mics for streaming. Delivers 7.1 Surround with Dolby Headphone. “The GSX 300 Gaming Series from EPOS Sennheiser is an external USB sound card that is actually just what I’ve been looking for.” News Check Out Our Impressions of the Sennheiser GSP 370 … If you have a nice headset and care about this stuff, then it's a worthwhile upgrade. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. Size: 13.7 x 8 x 2.5 cm | Weight: 617g | Surround? Low impedance headphones (50 ohms or less) are generally designed for mobile use with portable devices, while high impedance headphones are designed for home/studio use. Paired with a gaming headset, the GSX 300 together with the EPOS Gaming Suite delivers digital sound processing and customizable 7.1 EPOS Surround Sound. ASUS Xonar U5. Bit depth: the number of bits of information used to record each sample in a lossless recording. All rights reserved. There's a volume dial on the front, which offers tactile steps, as well as a second button that can be set to switch between sound modes or different EQ profiles. This converter is compatible not only with PCs but also TVs (including … The higher the sampling rate, the more information is maintained from the original recording. Be aware, though, that it only gives you four audio presets; if you want fine controls over EQ levels then look elsewhere. Compact and powerful. Best USB sound card for gaming under £200/$200: Creative Sound Blaster X3. Thanks to EPOS, we’ve got one heck of a prize bundle to give away: a EPOS x Sennheiser GSP 602 gaming headset, and a GSX 300 External USB Sound Card. Sennheiser UUSB 1 - sound card overview and full product specs on CNET. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Home COMPUTER HARDWARE (DIY) Sound Card Sound Card USB : Item#: 8804000052 [ 90,378 view ] SOUND CARD (ซาวด์การ์ด) SENNHEISER GSX1000 7.1 SURROUND GAMING GEAR Sub description While the cheapest USB sound card will give you a much-needed volume and quality boost, for multi-channel surround sound and higher resolution audio, you'll have to pay more; your ears will love you for it, though. COVID-19. The cable contains a standard mono sound card and it works with any wired easy Disconnect headset from Sennheiser and with any PC via the USB connection. Comments for this article are now closed. The Sound Blaster Command app is also available, just like on the X3, providing a convenient place for tuning and tweaking. The most expensive external sound card we currently recommend is the Sound Blaster AE-9. If the price and gaming-specific features of the Sound BlasterX G6 are a bit too rich for your tastes, the compact ASUS Xonar X5 USB sound card could be the alternative you're looking for. (1) Compare. CEX under fire from customers and staff for eye-watering £815 PlayStation 5 price, "Am I expecting to receive abuse from customers when the stores reopen? Please refresh the page and try again. In order The X3 includes separate 3.5mm headphone and mic ports on the front, with five further 3.5mm ports on the rear for connecting up a full 7.1 speaker system plus a line-in device. There are plenty of USB sound cards out there to choose from; here's our pick of the best. DAC: a device that translates digital audio (eg from your computer) into an analogue signal (eg one that your headphones can reproduce); literally a Digital to Analogue Converter. … Impedance: a figure, generally between 8 and 600 ohms, that effectively measures how much power is required to deliver a comfortable listening volume. The Sound Blaster X3 offers a step-up in audio quality, with a higher-grade sound processor that includes support for 32-bit 196kHz hi-res audio. Find out more about the benefits of our Patreon. Thanks for taking part! Another benefit to the hybrid design is that you have two places to plug stuff in, so you have a crazy amount of inputs and outputs. This hybrid approach does mean you'll need to have a free PCIe slot and a spare 6-pin power input to install the AE-9, which may take some smaller PC builds out of the running. Trusted by the world’s greatest artists, you’re sure to find the perfect podcast microphone for your livestreams or discreetly … Manufacturer: Sennheiser. Audioengine D1 is a premium DAC using which you can get high-quality sound. to supply high quality 4K video for offline viewing. Instead, all … Best USB sound card for gaming … : Virtual, 7.1. EPOS has announced the co-branded EPOS|Sennheiser GSX 300; an external, USB sound card. The EPOS | Sennheiser GSX 300 is their external sound option – made for those gamers who don’t want to put a discrete sound card inside their often cramped PC gaming chassis. It not only gives your desktop or laptop a solid sound boost with its 104dB signal-to-noise ratio, it'll also give you 5.1 surround sound, either in virtual form through your headphones or by driving a set of front, rear and centre speakers. Over the last few months, we've tested a few USB sound cards designed specifically for PC gaming. GSX 300. Shop By Price. Similar threads; Question (5.1) USB Sound-Card vs PCIE Sound-Card: Question Question about soundcard and headphones: Question Issues with my new Razer Kraken without 7.1 soundcard … So we did. If you want a compact USB sound card at a reasonable price, the GSX 300 is worth considering. A bizarre British-American hybrid, Will turns caffeine into technology articles through a little-known process called 'writing'. It's also often bundled in with the Astro Gaming A40 headset, which is good for people who are looking for a new pair of cans as well. This also means that the AE-9 is a complete non-starter for laptop use, and even moving it from desktop to desktop is something of an undertaking. SENNHEISER - GSX 300 EPOS I - USB Gaming Sound Amplifier with EPOS Surround Sound - Black. Compatible with all headsets using 2 x 3.5mm plugs. As well as separate ¼ inch and ⅛ inch headphone and mic ports, you also get XLR inputs with 48V phantom power. If you regularly listen to hi-res audio, make sure that your sound card of choice supports the highest bit depth you normally use - so CDs are 16-bit 44.1kHz, but Tidal's hi-res audio streams are available in 24-bit 96kHz. review - Phantastic stuff, CD Projekt warns against streaming Cyberpunk 2077 before release as copies ship early, Surprise! Never miss a thing. A usb headset has an onboard "sound card" and amp so its own hardware is mainly responsible for its volume. Annoyingly, changing between the headphone and speaker outputs requires a carefully timed long press of one of these buttons, making the most commonly used feature a chore to actually perform. This USB sound card is compact and powerful, Size: 13.7 x 8 x 2.5 cm | Weight: 617g | Surround? Slide top on/off switch to activate 7.1 Surround. Enhance your gaming experience … Best of all, its 130dB DNR, 32-bit 384kHz DAC means that you can enjoy high-resolution lossless audio without sacrificing quality. This model actually sports both internal and external elements, but it still does largely the same job - replacing your desktop computer's integrated audio with a replacement that sports additional, electrically isolated ports, better sound processing and extra features. You're also able to tweak what your audience can hear while you stream. You'd easily mistake AudioQuest's DragonFly Red for a USB memory stick, but don't let its minuscule size put you off; this tiny USB sound card packs a hell of a sonic punch. There are a few figures on the spec sheet you might need to care about: supported bit depth and sampling frequency (important for high-res audio) and recommended impedance (important for amplifying high-end headphones). USB connectivity … The software works well, with convenient EQ settings and comprehensive mic controls, but it did sometimes stop working and require a restart. The cable contains a standard mono sound card and it works with any wired Easy Dis- connect headset from Sennheiser and with any PC via the USB … As well as adding extra ports and improving sound quality, these cards include features that aim to increase immersion or provide a competitive edge. USB connectivity to PC. No, you don't need a USB sound card - but they can offer improved sound quality, add new features and they're better isolated from electrical interference than the sound cards that are built into laptops or the motherboards of desktop PCs. The gamer seeking enhanced audio performance instead of relying on their PC on-board sound will find excellent value in the GSX 300 external sound card. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. In terms of processing, as well as the built-in Acoustic Engine, you can opt for Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect Encoding - unfortunately, there's no Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support. User rating, 5 out of 5 stars with 1 review. EPOS | SENNHEISER has released a really great external sound card that certainly brings a boost to your gaming audio experience in games at a great price. Gift Guide. : Yes, 5.1. His favourite games are Counter-Strike, StarCraft and Fallout 2. It can also drive more powerful headphones than the GSX 300 we looked at earlier, with impedances up to 600 ohms supported. It's great for gamers, but it does mean some of those features are redundant for people who aren't interested in gaming. Great value for startup production live … Digital Foundry specialises in technical analysis of gaming hardware and software, Its touch-sensitive control panel (simply hover your hand over it to activate the amplifier) enables you to set reverb levels and switch between headphones and speakers with a single touch. to show you what 4K gaming actually looks like we needed to build our own platform Specs: 129x129x41mm, 330 grams, 7x 3.5mm + optical. For example, the consumer-grade Sennheiser HD 598 has a nominal impedance of 50 ohms, while the more professional Sennheiser HD 600 has a nominal impedance of 300 ohms, requiring a significantly stronger amplifier to drive at reasonable volumes. The best USB sound cards can drastically improve the media playing capabilities of your device, no matter if it's a PC or Mac, a desktop or laptop, or even a tablet or games console. Rather than having to put up with the basic onboard sounds included with your device (built-in soundcards are some of the first things manufacturers skimp on to save money), you can quickly add a USB sound card that can provide high fidelity music and audio, and even add surround sound, to your device. Will you support the Digital Foundry team? USB sound cards make sense when your integrated sound isn't up to snuff, whether that's in terms of its port selection, its features or its overall sound quality. While external sound cards remain a relatively niche purchase, as gaming headphones have improved over time we've found that pairing them with a good USB sound card has become increasingly important. In this article, we'll break down the best USB sound cards for gaming we've tested so far. fast downloads. That means you'll need a USB sound card also capable of 24-bit 96kHz sound if you're a Tidal subscriber. Like many external sound cards, this one's aimed at gamers, delivering virtual 7.1 surround sound that might be overkill for your needs, but its frequency response of 0-48KHz on headphones means that you can expect incredible sound for your money. : Yes. And if you can't get enough of accessories, you can also check out our post on the best power banks available. These USB sound cards are excellent choices for video editors and music producers, as they can offer audiophile levels of sound for your device. Sampling frequency: also known as the sample rate, this is the number of samples taken per second. Epos Sennheiser GSX 300 USB sound card review August 13, 2020 Vic B'Stard Epos want to turn your 3.5mm wired headphones into a gaming audio powerhouse with their GSX 300 Gaming … Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. What you lose in portability though, you gain back in power. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. This should have been fixed in a recent software update, and hasn't occurred since in my testing. Best USB sound card for gaming under £100/$100: Epos Sennheiser GSX 300. BA1 1UA. Thank you. Bonus Offer! Recent discounts have made the Sound Blaster X3 a great value option if you can use its extra features over the GSX 300. CD audio is 16-bit, while high-res audio is 24-bit. In Pokémon Go, a corner of England is technically in France. I did a full audio experience test and the difference when enabling that 7.1 surround sound … Cons: Can't drive high-impedance headphones, no speaker output, potentially buggy software. EPOS I SENNHEISER. All Rights Reserved. An S/PDIF optical output is also provided. Epos, the company formerly known as Sennheiser's gaming division, has turned out something of a treat on its first attempt. It was also brilliant for non-competitive gaming. The larger frame also allows a marked increase in ports, making it more suitable for use with a desktop PC than the compact GSX 300. The EPOS|Sennheiser GSX 300 External USB Sound Card is from the new EPOS gaming … using state-of-the-art capture systems and bespoke software to show you how well Summary The EPOS Sennheiser GSX 300 is an entry-level sound card designed to enhance the quality of your existing gaming headset and microphone combination. High resolution sound is supported, up to 24-bit 96kHz, and the GSX 300 can drive headphones up to 75 ohms. Inside its shiny red casing there's a 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC that enables it to play everything from MP3s through to 24-bit lossless audio with all the detail, richness and tone you could ask for, and its 2.1-volt headphone output means it's capable of driving the sort of heavyweight headphones that you might normally use with a full-on hi-fi system. On the ENHANCEMENTS, Bass Boost / EQ etc do not make any difference at all to the sound … EPOS claims the GSX 300 will provide a "hassle-free quality upgrade of audio quality over the typical on-board audio … SPECIAL EDITION HEADPHONES CELEBRATING THE PINK FLOYD EXHIBITION: “THEIR MORTAL REMAINS” Collector’s edition of the acclaimed MOMENTUM headphones features a look inspired by the iconic album “The Dark Side of the Moon” Wedemark/London, May 15, 2017 – Audio specialist Sennheiser … Visit our corporate site. I tend to prefer a neutral setup with no processing for competitive games, but these modes are well worth testing yourself. Sennheiser's one of those instantly-recognisable names that you can rely on to deliver decent audio at a not-too-expensive price, and while the Sennheiser GSX 1000 is the most expensive of the USB sound cards on show here, if you value quality and want plenty of features to play with, it's definitely an attractive option. The small physical design means that there's no room for additional ports - you just have Micro USB and two 3.5mm inputs for your headphones and mic - but it does mean that the GSX 300 is something you can easily put in your bag to use with a laptop on the go. Purchase the EPOS Sennheiser GSP 600 Close Acoustic Gaming Headset and get a bonus EPOS Sennheiser GSX 300 External Sound Card! The Sennheiser GSX 1000 Audio Amplifier is basically an external USB sound card designed primarily for gaming. There are also four line-out ports and optical in/out. Higher bitrates allow for improved signal-to-noise and dynamic range. However, that bandwidth isn't free and so we charge a small monthly Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The aforementioned button next to the volume … Both items must be in the same cart transaction to … You can use the table of contents below to jump immediately to the section you're interested in, or simply scroll down to read the whole thing! The larger size of the X3 means that the volume dial can be mounted on top, making it easier to spin with one finger, and there are three additional buttons for toggling sound processing, changing modes and muting your microphone. : Yes, 5.1. Our videos are multi-gigabyte files and we've chosen a high quality provider to ensure Thank you for signing up to Creative Bloq. The AE-9 is the sound card that made me believe in sound cards again on a conceptual level, and if that's not enough of a recommendation I don't know what is. Size: 14.8 x 15.7 x 4.4 cm | Weight: 408g | Surround? Sennheiser SC 165 USB (508317) - Double-Sided (Binaural) Headset for Business Professionals | with HD Stereo Sound, Noise-Cancelling Microphone, USB Connector (Black) 4.2 out of 5 stars 225 $64.99 Sennheiser’s professional microphones fill this part with great convincing power. And while this latest piece of Sound Blaster kit is clearly aimed at gamers with its 7.1 surround virtualisation, bass boost and Scout Mode for enhancing in-game audio cues, it's also a great way for anyone to enjoy improved audio as long as you don't mind its gamer-focused looks. Model: GSX300USBBLK. It comes with game-centric features such as Game/Voice balance that helps you ensure you can hear your teammates over the din of the game, and you can daisy chain several of them up for lag-free communication. Our favourite external sound cards, featuring Epos and Creative. It might not look like much for its price, but the DragonFly Red really performs where it matters, and its suitable for boosting everything from desktops to phones (you might need a USB adapter if you want to use it with your iPhone, though). EPOS today announced the introduction of the EPOS I SENNHEISER GSX 300, a stylish external sound card that offers a hassle-free quality upgrade of audio quality over the typical on-board audio … SKU: 6425993. The USB-ED 01 is a Sennheiser sound card cable which allows you to connect a Sennheiser easy disconnect headset to a PC. That includes a flagship-grade DAC, the ESS Sabre 9038, which is capable of 32-bit 384-kHz hi-res audio playback and sports both fine gold capacitors and swappable op-amps that let you tune your sound signature in hardware rather than software. EA launches FIFA 21 PS5 and Xbox Series X and S free upgrade early, Prison Architect dev will let you play some of its failed prototypes to raise money for charity, Silent Hill creator leaves Sony to form new studio. A USB sound card adds audio input and output ports to your computer via USB, while also taking over sound processing duties from your computer's integrated sound card. Learn more. PS5 stock: where to buy the PlayStation 5, Best USB sound card for gaming under £100/$100, Best USB sound card for gaming under £200/$200, Best USB sound card for gaming under £300/$300. 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